Silverton is an interesting little dot on the NSW map, founded in 1883, population of around 40 and is situated 25kms north-west of Broken Hill. Even if you’ve have never been here before you will recognise Silverton, as it has starred in countless films, television shows and commercials in all mediums.

Our group had lunch in the historic pub then fanned out to check the surrounding area.

Mad Max 2 Museum

We took the tour of the ramshackled museum which is a tribute to the 2nd Mad Max movie filmed in 1981. Lots of photos pay tribute to the filming locations (no photography was allowed), but the best part of visiting the museum is having a chat to the guy who runs it – fantastic knowledge of the movie and people involved in it.

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Located about 5.5kms from Silverton the view from the lookout (just the top of a hill) is one of the expansively flat Mundi Mundi plains. We understand that it’s spectacular at sunrise or sunset but I must say not all that enthralling in the middle of the day (when we were there). Checked out some of the old (beautiful) buildings on our return trip.

Would we return?

It’s a bloody long drive to get to Broken Hill and this was definitely one of those “tick it off the bucket list” places which we’d always wanted to visit, but we would probably not return. Been there and done that. Check out TripAdvisor for more information about things to do in Broken Hill.

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