This is the travel blog and website for our 2020 Bailey Caravan Adventure through the outback of NSW and South Australia, with 16 other vans (Tagalong20 group).

Posts are ordered with most recent at top of the page.

The Tagalong20 trip was put together by our fantastic organisers – Ian & Jane and Liam & Jackie. It takes a huge effort to pull this sort of thing together and it worked brilliantly until the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic interfered with it. Activities, caravan parks and even state borders were closing toward the end of the trip and the group started to head home before the trip finished.

There are other pages you can view using the navigation links above to pages – About the Site; Locations; Itinerary; Activities; Trip Map; Bailey Boomer photos; Documents & Search. All links open in a new browser window. Hope you enjoy our blog!
cheers, Neil & Merrisa

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