Located on the mighty Murray River Loxton is a decent sized town. We stayed at BIG4 Loxton Riverfront Holiday Park located on the banks of the Murray (maplink).

This is where the Covid-19 Coronas virus pandemic really began to impact the group. To date we had been keeping our required social distancing (well, most of the time) but now the group was starting to split-up as many were required to return to their home states due to upcoming border closures.

All attractions were closed and at the end of our 2 day stay in Loxton there were only 4 of the original 17 caravans remaining for the trip to Border Town. It was really sad.

Would we return?

Most probably. Since all attractions were closed we’d like to check it out again, but more than likely if it was on our way to somewhere else. Check out TripAdvisor for more information about things to do in Loxton.

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