Our original itinerary had an overnight stop at the Cockatoo Lake Free Camp but we agreed, due to there now only being 4 caravans, we’d skip it and go straight to Naracoorte.

The original itinerary also had us booked into the Naracoorte Showgrounds but it was closed, thanks to the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic. We were fortunate to get into the Naracoorte Big4 Caravan Park for 2 nights (maplink).

We all agreed that we must return to this lovely town once the world has gotten over the Corona pandemic.

Naracoorte Caves

We headed out to the Naracoorte Caves National Park in the slight chance that something may be open and we were fortunate enough to meet some park rangers who allowed us to access to two attractions.

Wonambi Fossil Centre

The fossil centre is pretty cool. It incorporates fossils and displays of prehistoric beasts which roamed our great land. Well worth the trip. The entry ticket also allows you to visit the Stick-Tomato Cave (see below).

Stick-Tomato Cave

The only cave open for public access was the Stick-Tomato Cave. A self-guided easy-access walk trough the caves was not too bad and not too claustrophobic.

Would we return?

We’d definitely return to Naracoorte, even if it is just to explore the caves in the national park. This is truly a great spot and you would probably need more than a week here to take in the places Naracoorte has to offer. Check out TripAdvisor for more information about things to do in Naracoorte.

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