Our now group of 4 Bailey’s pulled into Bordertown for an overnight stay at the Bordertown Caravan Park and there was basically nothing to do here so it was a case of set-up and wait for “happy hour”. We didn’t even go to check out the town’s major attraction of the White Kangaroo.

Bordertown, as its name suggests, is the symbolic “border town” between Victoria and South Australia. The fact that it is actually 20 km west of the border causing some typically Australian humour. There was a time, for example, when it became a talking point for Victorians when they would declare there was an imminent invasion from South Australia and the locals were massing at Bordertown.

In reality it is a quiet town which was created during the gold-rush era which is now both a service centre for the surrounding district and a place made famous by the fact that Bob Hawke, the country’s longest serving Labor Prime Minister, was born in the town.

Would we return?

Not likely. For us it’s really just an overnight stop on the way to somewhere else. But you may discover something to your liking on TripAdvisor about things to do in Border Town.

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