Worlds End Freecamp

Just the name “Worlds End” at Burra Gorge conjures up in the mind an intriguing location to camp for the night. Well, it’s just another campsite with nothing special but the company we were keeping.

Along the way (maplink) we caught a glimpse of new wind farms being built and then a stop-over in Burra for coffee was great; even though the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic had shut much of the town down.

Happy hour on this stop saw a bush poetry session with various members having a crack (even me). The poems were brilliant and many laughs were had. The Bob Magor poems were a hoot, but the flies (oh the flies!) were terrible resulting in the fly-nets coming out. Jeez it’s had to drink your beer thru a fly-net!

Here’s a YouTube video, which Liam took on his drone, of the campground at Worlds End…

Would we return?

No, been there and done that.

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