Crystal Brook SA

Crystal Brook is a nice little town on the Goyder Highway in South Australia (maplink) and the Crystal Brook Caravan Park was a great one night stop-over. The park is set on the Crystal Brook Creek with beautiful shade trees to sit under and wile away the day, while the birds make a racket above you.

We took a quick trip around the town to check it out, but the Covid-19 Corona virus shutdown meant most things were shut, which was really sad (but understandable).

Happy hour that afternoon had 3 of the ladies entertaining us with their ukuleles. A sing along ensured with lots of laughter and smiles.

Would we return?

Not really, but it’s a lovely spot and would recommend it if you are travelling through the area and would like to stay in a really nice caravan park and take a stroll through town. Check out TripAdvisor for more details.

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