Wilpena Pound

From Rawnsley Station we took a trip out to Wilpena Pound stopping off at Arkaroo Rock and then onto Wangarra lookout at Wilpena Pound (maplink).

Arkaroo Rock

It’s about an easy 2 hour return walk from the carpark to Arkaroo Rock through dusty scrub-land. This is a significant cultural site for the Adnyamathana (pronounced Ad-na-mut-ta) people. The art at Arkaroo Rock (Akurra Adnya) tells the story of the creation of Wilpena Pound. It’s a story from the Adnyamathana Dreamtime and is believed to be 5,000 years old.

Wangara Lookout (Wilpena Pound)

Back into the car for the next historic location. Leaving the car (and Merrisa) at the Wilpena Pound visitors centre I undertook a 7.8km round trip to check out historic Hills Homestead and 2 of the Wangara Lookouts over the Pound. It’s a pretty easy walk to the homestead but a pretty grueling uphill walk to the 1st and 2nd lookouts.

Having walked around the base of Uluru and Kings Canyon Rim Walk on our Half Lap trip in 2018, I must say that this walk was pretty disappointing for the effort put in to get there. The views from the 2 lookouts are basically the inside of the crater and I reckon the best views would probably be of the outsides of the crater.

Would we return?

We’ve always wanted to go to the Flinders Ranges and having now been there and ticked it off the “bucket list” would probably not go back. It may sound a bit harsh but it’s a bit like our visit to Uluru (Ayers Rock) – it’s totally awesome and spectacular but having been there would probably not go back there either. Check out TripAdvisor for more information about things to do in the Finders Ranges.

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