Peterborough SA

After a 300km trip from Broken Hill we pulled into Peterborough (maplink) for an overnight stop at Peterborough Caravan Park. After doing a very quick set-up in the caravan park we took a short tour of the town.

Peterborough is a rare railway town where, because state governments could not agree on a standardised railway gauge, three railway gauges (broad – 5’3″, standard 4’8 1/2″ and narrow 3’6”) once met. The town became hugely important as a railway link between the iron ore mines at Broken Hill and the iron and steel processing at Port Pirie. At its height over one hundred trains a day were passing through the town. It is therefore hardly surprising that it has a museum in a railway carriage and its prime tourist attraction is the “Steamtown” Heritage Rail Centre & that’s about it.

We came across a cute monument to “Bob the Railway Dog” who was among 200 other dogs taken to the far north of South Australia to be used for exterminating rabbits. He ended up being taken in by a train guard and then travelled the rails for the rest of his life getting as far as Sydney & Melbourne.

The town rail museum has a carriage with a video running through the windows depicting what train travel would have been like for those travelling in the early 20th century.

Following a glorious sunrise on the next day, we all headed off to Rawnsley Station in Wilpena Pound passing some old pubs, railway stations and plenty of emus along the way.

Would we return?

Not really, as it’s another one of those places that once you’ve been there you would not return unless passing through. Check out TripAdvisor for more information about things to do in Peterborough.

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